What People Are Saying About My Readings

michelleBWhat people are saying about my readings

 “I highly recommend her..She is the real deal..Thank you, you have given me hope.”

 “Detailed reading! Thanks for giving me something to think about!”

 “All of it, I highly recommend her..She is the real deal..Thank you, you have given me hope.hat makes total sense! This absolutely gives me reassurance! You are definitely gifted! Thank you so much for reading for me…!”

 “You are so spot on! No need to go deeper. I am working on a new focus for my business at this time with my coach. I have started looking at new avenues to get myself out there and I appreciate the suggestions. I am currently in a job that I am slowly transitioning out of because the passion is not there. Great job!”

 “I think you have done an awesome job here with your details and interpretation of the cards.”

 “Thank you for that, great for manifestation!!”“Wow Thank you so much for your accurate reading!”“Thank you so much for the reading….You are on target about the timing… Thank you Michelle good read!!!!!!!!!!“You are right on!!!”

“Thank you so much!! I feel that is right what you got in the cards and about the learning and being alone for a while, thank you!! Blessings and light!”

“WOW! That was really accurate! Thank you. Not only did you do a great reading for me, you showed me how to get empowered. You have a gift. Your clairvoyant abilities are very in tune. I’m so happy for you and feel very blessed that you did my reading.”

DISCLAIMER:  I offer my readings in good faith and, in accepting and receiving a reading, you understand and agree that I accept no liability, and that you are responsible for the choices you make in your life.

By law, I am required to state that card reading is for entertainment purposes only, and that I am unable to make any claim as to its effectiveness. If you are in need of medical attention, please see a physician. If you are in need to legal advice, please seek an attorney. By purchasing this item you are stating that you are at least 18 years of age. In accordance with laws and regulations. No product is intended as a substitute for competent medical care or legal advice.